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Aleksey Manukyan


Endless Earth and Flag: Bees for Being
Red soil, wood chips, honey combs, glass 

Land artist Aleksey Manukyan is a gatherer of everything that surrounds him. From feathers on the floor to dust in the corners, dried flowers in autumn, and soil from the farms, he collects all he sees in his city, Gyumri, in Armenia. Recognizing that precious natural materials can be over-farmed and excessively cultivated, Aleksey acknowledges the shifting landscape of Earth's resources. This awareness drives him to create with an emphasis on the present abundance, ensuring his art is both sustainable and a reflection of current environmental realities.

Endless Earth
Especially for the Larnaca BioDesign Festival, Aleksey was invited as an artist in residence to create work with local material. The red soil of Cyprus immediately took his interest, and he created pieces that represent the land. Through a process of drying and mixing with other materials, the works take shape but retain the reference to the land of Cyprus.

Flag: Bees for Being
In his garden in Gyumri, Aleksey has set up bee houses. He places fabric inside, and the bees, in their natural behavior, weave through this material. This results in a flag that showcases the synergy between humans and nature. The fabric, though human-made, is transformed by the bees in human-crafted beehives. It becomes a symbol of collaboration between nature's processes and human intervention.

About  Manukyan

Aleksey Manukyan graduated from the Gyumri State Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. He co-founded unique artistic platforms such as the Gyumri Pad Val Gallery and the Art Zone open-air studio. As a pivotal member of the “5th Floor” creative group, his commitment to art in Gyumri is evident.

In 2010, Aleksey transitioned from orthopedic device design to explore forgotten urban relics of Gyumri. Through his lens, discarded urban elements like fountains, old cars, and street trash aren't just refuse but symbols. These symbols echo the socio-economic desolation of Gyumri, a city grappling with its post-Soviet, post-earthquake, and post-war legacies. 

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