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Diana Scherer


Interweaving study 

Grass roots 

Visual artist Diana Scherer collaborated for many years with science. Interweaving  is part of her intricate study of plant root systems. The roots of grass are harnessed and transformed. In this study Diana presents a nuanced exploration of humanity's relationship with nature and the eternal pull to shape and control it.

The innovative material research is a sustainable textile. The delicate white tendrils of grass in her hands might as well be strands of silk, while the sturdy yellow fibers of daisy roots recall the texture of wool. Nature's inherent patterns form the blueprint for her creations, echoing the belief that certain motifs and patterns in nature resonate universally.

About Diana Scherer

Born in Lauingen, Germany, and now rooted in Amsterdam, Diana Scherer is a beacon in the art world. An alumna of the Rietveld Academy, her work spans photography, material research, and even plant-root weaving. With exhibitions from the Textile Museum Tilburg to the National Museum of China in Beijing, Scherer's works have graced global stages. Notably, her "Rootbound # 2" – a testament to nature's elegance, features prominently at the Victoria & Albert Museum in both London and Shenzhen. Her accolades include the 2016 New Material Fellow award by Het Nieuwe Instituut, a testament to her groundbreaking work in "Interwoven".

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