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Elina Hadjinicola


In Sync
Bees Wax, wood

Bees, working together as a swarm, possess cognitive abilities despite their tiny brains. 
Elina’s bee collaborators perform complex architectural calculations, measuring temperature, stresses, and structural loads within the constraints of the local climate, hive size, and surrounding flora. 

Collaborating with her beekeeper father, Elina delves into the essence of 'biodesign' from a non-human perspective. On the Cypriot Green Line, bees gather pollen from both sides, uniting a divided country as one 'home'. The work, shaped through this process, stands as a testament to their collaboration. 

About Elina Hadjinicola
Elina Hadjinicola’s artistic practice results in temporary, procedural configurations where materials develop uncanny lives of their own. Working with beeswax, she explores animals as producers of material culture and responds through the precarity of the material on issues as climate change. The material’s intrinsic properties and its chance to react on its environment, are setting it free on themselves. Wax is solid, but it may be easily liquified. As temporary and malleable is today the state of animals -and specifically the bees- under extinction, as temporary is wax.

Bees Wax, wood
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