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The BIOD Residency 2024 is a guided program at the intersection of art, design, and biotechnology, set in Larnaca, Cyprus. Artists and designers from all over the world are welcome to  domestic residency in Larnaca to engage with the local ecosystem, collaborating with farmers and art institutions to create innovative works over a six-week period.



Larnaca, Cyprus


May 15 - December 18, 2024

The residency program is created by curator Yev Kravt through BIOD. Where through an open call 10 artists/designers will be sourced and mentored for a period of 6 weeks. In this time, the focus will be on bio (art) material development, with a physical result. At the end of the residency the works will be presented in a BioDesign group exhibition. Our residency program includes accommodation, daily expenses, mentorship, studio space, local support, arrival/departure transfers. 

It is the first time we are doing it, so this is a pilot year. If you want to enquire for information, please give us a call or email directly

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