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BioDesign is the process of using biological systems or living organisms to create new products or solutions to problems. It involves understanding how living things work and using that knowledge to design and create useful things like new materials, medical treatments, and even biofuel. Think of it as using nature's own tools to solve problems and create new things. BioDesign embodies a design movement that uses living materials, such as fungi, algae, yeast, bacteria, and cultured tissue, to create fully sustainable and ecological products. 

Explanation for kids 

BioDesign is like using nature's own superpowers to create amazing things. It's about studying how living things work, like plants, animals, and tiny organisms, and using that knowledge to solve problems and make cool stuff. Imagine designing things using living materials such as mushrooms, algae, and bacteria. BioDesign helps us create sustainable and eco-friendly products that are good for the planet. It's like having a secret power to make the world a better place by working with nature! 

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