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Aharon Feiner Eden Materials Library


12 Designers 

For the BioDesign Festival,  we set up a collaboration with the esteemed Design Museum Holon. Integral to the museum its expansive material library, boasting a collection of over 10,000 diverse materials, serving as a resource for designers and innovators globally. 

New materials and technologies are everywhere, rapidly changing the design industry. Materials and technologies can form the basis for a meaningful action in the design and industrial worlds. Researching the relationships between material, form and narrative often creates a unique design language that reveals the distinct identity of the designer, brand or culture from which they come. The collection includes materials developed by engineers, manufacturers, designers and artists. The materials collection is cataloged and documented in a bilingual online database, which serves as an essential tool for design professionals.


biosculpt overview exhibition collaboration with holon design museum

The Designers

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