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Shushanik Droshakiryan


SŪF: Time Traveling
Algae, wool

Weaving history with innovation, SŪF connects to the roots of the artists ancient traditions and biomaterial deisgn. Semi-transparent, with seaweed and raw wool, this bio-garment is a bridge between the human form and nature. 

A total of 96 hours were spent while placing the wool fibers inside algae bioplastic. SŪF is a “fragile armor dress” manifesting the strength of the vulnerable Feminine. SŪF is a raw material, a concept, and a process of making. When you watch this garment, imagine it as a layer, a surface covering a female nude, where SŪF functions as an “organic layer” reconnecting the human body to mother nature. 

About Shushanik Droshakiryan

Shushanik Droshakiryan, a creative researcher and garment designer, studied at the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. Delving deep into character-driven costume design, she continued at the TUMO Centre for Creative Technologies. With projects spanning from 2D animation to origami-influenced designs, Shushanik's approach remains rooted in innovation. Her experience with experimental theatre further adds up to her understanding of set and character dynamics, making the balance between design and storytelling.

dress shushanik droshakiryan in exhibition biosculpt
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